2u enclosure

The Ultimate Machine-Protection Armor, 2U Enclosure

A design case made especially for 2U Enclosure machines to store them and also make it safe from outside elements, as well as the Hongfa Shunda's weatherproof box for electronics. Such inventive technology provides a solid protective solution for diverse environments, including companies and schools or individuals to secure the lifetime of your equipment.

Advantages of 2U Enclosure

There are several benefits to the 2U Enclosure that users can rely on, similar to the wall mount plastic enclosure built by Hongfa Shunda. What I like most about it that matters to me revolves around the fact that safety of your machines takes precedent over all with its innovative lock which will bring you security on a silver plate. This is especially important in the high-price equipment where this feature keeps you worry-free. 

Additionally, the housing is made of high-quality materials that are shock-resistant, protecting your devices from potential impacts during transport. It will protect your gears against different types of hazards like voltage surges and many more even your equipment is safe assured. 

What Do Innovative 2U Enclosure Offers? 

Unique in aesthetics, the 2U Enclosure is an option that business owners and private users often have their eyes on as a solution to protect new machines. The machine is distinguished by its special features, unmatched in the market-place for versatility to handle a high range of different size machines. 

The enclosure also features a removable cover which provides convenient access to your equipment, and quick release buttons for frequent service. It even boasts a built-in cooling fan which works wonders to maintain the temperature inside and prevents overheating for better prints.

Why choose Hongfa Shunda 2u enclosure?

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