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If you are looking for cheap plastic enclosures to stand in as custom cases, continue reading. You can find it on a few different online platforms such as Amazon, eBay and RS Components. You can also take a trip to your hardware stores or specialty retailers as they might have some great deals on weatherproof plastic enclosure that match perfectly with what is needed for those projects of yours.

Top 5 low-cost plastic housings

So the next time youare looking for affordable Hongfa Shunda plastic outdoor enclosure, these should be great andbudget-friendly options to pick provided they meet your expectations:


Made for electricalwork, this steel enclosure has a corrosion-resistant coating that extends itsdurability.


Perfect for audioand video equipment, this case is ready to be molded into whatever you want orneed the ideal base project on.


Perfect for theelectronics components under harsh environments in different size with aluminummetal)


If you are working on a smaller project or perhapsbudget restraints have limited your options this enclosure made from ABSplastic offers an easy snap closure to keep the elements away from anycomponents inside.


This polycarbonateplastic enclosure is crafted for rugged outdoor use, offering durability in alightweight design and impact resistance.

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