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Everything You Need To Know About Enclosure Cases

In essence, enclosure cases are protective armaments that defend myriad devices from dust and water collections besides physical damage - while preserving full functionality. Enter the world of enclosure cases for all your different devices and equipment!

10 Best Enclosure Cases for Gaming PC Builds

One of the most important hardware to choose for gaming PC is enclosure case. That means there must be enough room to house key parts like the motherboard, graphics card, and power supply unit (PSU), and good cooling capability so that heat from those components can dissipate. Top Ten Best Enclosure Cases for Gaming PC Builds

Phanteks Eclipse P400: With a tempered-glass side panel to show off your PC's interior and room for up to six fans, this is one stylish case with plenty of cable-management space.

Corsair Carbide 275R (White): A minimalist case with a tempered glass side panel that you can use to show off your build. It has room for six fans and supports long graphics cards and radiators.

Fractal Design Define R6: Another sound-dampening-panel case, the reunion-tour-favorite has room support for up to nine fans (all native 120mm/140mm) and features a vertical GPU mount option.

NZXT H510 Elite: Sporting a original cable administration formulation on the front panel with tempered glass aspect panels supporting as much like seven followers and has constructed-in RGB lighting controller.

Thermaltake View 21: This is a tempered glass case that allows you to see the components of your PC with support for up to eight fans, PSU cover and HDD Tray also hidden.

MasterCase H500MThe MasterCase H500M is the latest case in an upgraded i...

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: High-end modular case with options for interior layout customization, supporting up to nine fans, water cooling and a Qi charger.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL : built with a dual-chamber design for better cable management, this case supports up to 9 fans and four radiators plus sports modular power supply bracket.

The SilverStone Fortress FT05: a 90-degree-rotated-aluminum-case-and-a-cloud-gate-dock-with-five-fan-supporting-water-cooling-built-in-bay-devices for your system fans.

Phanteks Enthoo Elite: A premium case made of full aluminum with the front tempered glass panel, supporting up to 13 fans and four radiators per compartment on top-middle-rear panels plus the unique PSU bracket.

The most comprehensive guide on the internet to selecting an enclosure case for your Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has become the favorite tiny single-board computers on do-it-yourself projects, home automation media centers for retro gaming. Although you must choose the enclosure case which satisfies your project, depending on it - as follows factors are important while selecting any closure of Raspberry Pi:

Size & Compatibility: Make sure the case accommodates the raspberry Pi board and have openings for ports, connectors.

A.) Material And Design: Consider a case that allows for the necessary ventilation and is available with different mounting types such as wall mounts or DIN Rails.

Accessibility: Select a case that permits access to the SD card and GPIO pins

Design: Choose from a design that fits in the style of your project or does not even get noticed.

There have been several popular cases for the Raspberry Pi, including all plastic designs like the Flirc case and Pibow case, themed-case such as RetroFlag's NESPi case or full-featured aluminum option like Argon ONE.

Turning Your External Hard Drive into a Mobile Proprietor House

While an external hard drive is great for holding onto digital junk, it can become damaged or lost just like any other object. Converting your external hard drive into a portable chassis will help you protect it further. Follow these steps:

Take the hard drive out of its external enclosure.

Choose a new enclosure case which must be compatible with the size and interface (SATA or IDE) of your hard disk).

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the drive into a new enclosure case.

Finally, just plug your enclosure case via USB or its adapter straight into your computer.

Mount the enclosure with screws or lock it inlayouts of locking accustomed to place.

Some of the popular enclosure cases for external hard drives include Orico 2.5-inch, Sabrent EC-UEIS7 and Mediasonic ProBox; they can offer better protection as well as easy portability so you may carry your world wherever you go!

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