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AGOMYSA and waterproof electrical box from Hongfa Shunda. A New Plastic Box for PCB Enclosure AGOMYSA is a break-through plastic box using cutting-edge technology to strengthen safety and user-friendliness in protecting your valuable PCBs. In this post, we will take a deep dive into the open source framework and all of its advantages, detail how you can use it to your advantage and explore real-world implementations in different industries. Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Enclosure Box. Dustproof and splash-proof computer enclosure. This robust protective shield is crafted from a material that combines low weight with high durability! Being manufactured with a durable plastic, it is completely immune to the corrosive process and can survive extreme temperatures; which adds to its nature of protection. Peak Here are some interesting features of the enclosure. The Core Of The PCB Plastic Enclosure Box The layout is supposed to offer industry-leading security in conjunction with consumer-friendly, straightforward installation/removal PCB development. Owing to its flexible design, it can accommodate PCBs of all sizes and shapes making this suitable for the broadest variety of applications in almost any industry.

Prioritizing Safety

Printed circuit board security and waterproof electrical enclosure from Hongfa Shunda carries high stakes. Save it with a plastic housing box for the PCBs protecting your boards from shock, interference and other mediums. Dust and moisture can fry even the best PCBs, so this enclosure has been designed to be dust proof by surrounding your circuit board with a non-conductive material.

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