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Computer power supplies are needed for the operation of any desktop computer. In addition to protecting the PSU, they play a role in cable management or keeping things neat and cool inside your case. Cases change a big part of how your new PC will look and whether you want something basic or looking more flash, there are countless options available to us. A variety of sites have lists or collections to help you find a power supply enclosure that comes with some options for building your computer setup, but this list can be used to look around at the best ones available and give an example on how it would actually fit into your scenarios.

Best Covers for SFF Power Supplies

Another option to consider in compact setups: SilverStone Technology Professional SFX Series Power Supply. Cool at an optimal level with a 40% reduction in dB less than stock USB-Powered Fan for Hub is the only solution that you need to keep your nettop computer cool Powerful enough to be used anywhere and without any hotspots, whether it's on or off! The SilverStone Technology SFX Series Power Supply ad its 92mm Silent fan for best cooling performance of your case.

DIYenery PSU cases for cheap

PureFlexibilityFor DIY builders on a budget the Cooler MasterMasterBox Q300L offers serious bang for your buck. Upon the build, we find solely perforated front and top panels on what could very well look pretty cool. The CoolerMaster Q300L isthe latest invention from cooler master and a perfect choice for those users who don't want to spend much on their build but still provides an easy solution of ergonomically designed that gives direct access to the component inside with not so big building case.

These are some of the best PSU Enclosures in higher performance Systems

The Phanteks Enthoo Elite is one of the best chassis to hold your high-powered system on the online market, and it receives a few top awards for good reason from simply build quality. The Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900Rev. IIBEOUR FINAL TAKE.Hashing out a case that can take an E-ATX board, drawers of graphics cards and even more liquid-cooling parts than the laughing cow (ask your great-grandmother), you have to be prepared for a lot of metal. The front and sides are made of tempered glass which means you get an unobstructed view some glowing innards, perfect behind the large panes showcasing your expensive hardware.

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