Rack case 4u 19 inch

Rack Case 4U 19 Inch

Do you want your expensive electronic appliances to be kept safe bulletproof and sophistically fashionable? You might also be interested in our rack case 4U 19 inch! This high-grade case provides an array of benefits and features that make it a great option for those looking to store their equipment safely.


Durability is one of the great benefits to have with rack enclosure 1u 4U 19 inch. Made with long travel in mind so your equipment will be safe and secure no matter what knocks occur during transportation. In addition, the case is transport-friendly thanks to its 19-inch size and handles on both sides.


Top quality: the Hongfa Shunda enclosure server rack case 4U19 inch is designed to protect your electronic equipment like no other. The luggage features an original body-hugging construction with interior padding which ensures your items stay protected even when traveling under the most grueling conditions. Additionally, the case is made of durable but lightweight materials for easily-carrying while traveling.

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