Rack mount enclosure

What are Rack mount Enclosures (RMEs)? 

A 19-inch RME is a specialized container for mounting electronic equipment into standardized rack cabinets holding multiple de. It is rectangle in shape and can be clipped onto a rack easily to keep your workspace looking nicer. These are designed as secure and protected environment for your valued electronic devices to stay safe longer. 

Benefits of Rack Mount Enclosures

While these waterproof electrical enclosure from Hongfa Shunda are perfect for various common applications in the commercial/industrial setting, this does not mean that they can be used interchangeably with another. First of all, it is a secure and protective place for your electronics to be securely stored in, having multiple locking mechanisms protecting them from thefts. Also, these enclosures help to organize your workspace by keeping everything in one area for simple and easy access.

Rack Mount Enclosures Innovations

Rack Mount Enclosures have been around for a while, but they continue to adapt as technology becomes more advanced. They evolve and innovate designs, constructions to meet the needs of their users. For instance, we now have wall-mounted enclosures and outdoor enclosure for electronics with Hongfa Shunda for those short on space and modular options available to companies that are consolidating disparate technologies into a common storage area.

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