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Choose the right junction box

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Waterproof junction box is also called electrical sealing box, which can be roughly divided into two types of products: special type and general type. Its main raw materials are as follows: ABS engineering plastics, polycarbonate (PC), PC / ABS, glass fiber reinforced polyester, and stainless steel.

What are the differences of waterproof junction boxes made of various materials, and what kind of performance do they have? Let's introduce in detail what kind of environmental requirements the waterproof junction boxes of different materials are suitable for. Let me learn about them together!

1)ABS engineering plastics: hardness is not easy to be damaged by impact, but also can withstand low temperature and heat, not easy to be corroded by chemicals, processing is simple and can be colored, spraying metal, electroplating, welding, etc., so it has become a preferred material for electrical components, household appliances, computers, and instruments.

2)Polycarbonate (PC) material: it has strong temperature adaptability, UV resistance and high mechanical properties, i.e. good impact strength, so it has become the fastest growing general engineering plastics.

3)PC / ABS material: the ABS and PC materials are combined together, which makes use of the easy processing characteristics of ABS materials and the high strength and impact resistance of PC, and can withstand low temperature, heat and ultraviolet resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in automobile internal parts, business machines, communication equipment, household appliances and lighting equipment.

4)Glass fiber reinforced polyester materials: also known as glass reinforced thermosetting plastics or glass fiber reinforced plastics. It is a composite material composed of resin (a thermosetting plastic with adhesive effect) and glass fiber. It has good anti electric shock function and adhesion, high impact strength, heat resistance and strong resistance to mold. The change of volume shrinkage is small during processing.

Through the above detailed introduction to you, we know what kind of decoration environment the waterproof junction box of different materials is suitable for. This should help us to choose the model of waterproof junction box. For example, we are ordinary home decoration, so we can choose the model of PC / ABS waterproof junction box. Its performance can meet our requirements and the price is not high High. Of course, if it is used in harsh environment, such as high temperature or some chemical substances, the selection of waterproof junction box model should be careful. Finally, I still want to say that friends finally have to choose the appropriate waterproof junction box model according to their own environmental needs!

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