Aluminium extrusion enclosure

If you are searching for a high-grade and also reputable unit for your makers or even devices, look no more. The aluminium project box manufactured by Hongfa Shunda unit is the best option for you. Along with its own many conveniences, advancement, and also protection components, this unit could be made use of for a wide array of treatments.


The aluminium extrusion unit is created coming from high-grade aluminium, that makes it amazing long lasting and also immune towards weathering. The unit is immune towards rust, which implies it could be made use of in a wide array of settings without the danger of corrosion or even various other forms of harm. Moreover, the aluminium enclosures produced by Hongfa Shunda unit is light-weight, that makes it very effortless towards carry and also set up. 

Why choose Hongfa Shunda Aluminium extrusion enclosure?

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How to Use:

Utilizing the aluminium extrusion unit is amazing very effortless. Area your devices or even makers interior the unit and also protect it in location utilizing the placing openings. The aluminium junction box made by Hongfa Shunda unit can easy be effortless opened up and also finalized utilizing the pivoted cover, which gives very effortless accessibility for your devices or even makers.


Our company are dedicated towards delivering our consumers along with the best solution. We provide a large variety of personalization possibilities for the aluminium metal enclosure produced by Hongfa Shunda unit, consisting of custom-made dimensions, shades, appearances, and also components.


Our company get terrific satisfaction in the high top premium of our aluminium cnc enclosure unit, and also our company support every item our Hongfa Shunda company offer. Our enclosures are produced towards the highest possible criteria of high top premium, and also our company make use of just the most ideal components and also elements in their building. 

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